Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Riley Shy

Yesterday I started out doing a Sasha Grey post but somehow got distracted by Riley.

Look how beautiful she is! I think I could cum over her clothed, imagining what's under that pretty pink outfit.

No need for imagination here, just plenty of stroking! She's got such nice legs, I could cream over her legs, or her tits, or her face! I like that tattoo too!

Riley's real popular with the guys! She's got hold of that guy on her left while the others have to hold on to themselves.

Riley let go to spread her ass, so the guy on her left is rubbing his cock against her tummy.

She's such a cute little cocksucker! Bet she can't swallow the whole thing.

This stud's taking care of Riley.

This machine's doing a good job on her too!

What a good looking woman to masturbate over.