Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jenna above us

If you could masturbate near Jenna Haze, what would be ideal?

Jenna above us, playing with her sweet clit.

Imagine her standing over us as we stroke our dicks and drool.

Jenna's so hot! I'd probably blow it right away.

What a beautiful view!

Jenna wants us masturbation- no fooling around!

She's got such a pretty pussy!

Here's Jenna with her pretty friend.

Nice asses!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jenna Haze Masturbating

I just found out that Jenna is retiring from porn. But we still have her pics to remember her by!

This one's from the first Jenna Haze set that I masturbated to. Her lovely body and cute clit really excited me!

Here she is, touching her fabulous clit. What a honey!

And using a vibrator. I really like the way it stretches her pussy out! Gives it great definition!

Jenna masturbating as part of a striptease! What a great show she's putting on!

And here's some live Jenna Haze action.

I like the way she handles her sexy body!

Jenna wants us to do it too!

Here's a lucky stiff who decorated her beautiful face.

And this guy gets to lick her cunt while he does himself.

How many guys have fantasized about dumping their load on her feet?

There are plenty of hard cocks lusting after Jenna's hot body!

Jenna sure does know how to make us cum!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Female Masturbation

Another one of my favorite topics to masturbate over

A sweet little babe with a finger in her pussy

This babe's fucking herself with several

The view from below

I like the way their pussies look when they've been given a good workout

This gal is in the middle of things

Here's one of those ladies who's always on her cell, describing every detail of her life.

Now she's giving her friend a look!

The end!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Cunts

Did you enjoy masturbating over Lily's pretty pussy? Well here's some more cunts to cream to.

A nice swollen clit! Wouldn't it be nice to suck on?

She played with it and got it ready for us to masturbate over.

I wonder if she was thinking about all the guys who would be jerking off over this?

A little bit fury.

A passionate look!

Spreading nice and wide!

This little honey's not hiding anything!

How about those tan lines?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lily Spreads

If you've masturbated to a few of our newest Porn Masturbation Girlfriend's pics, you may know that she's really talented at spreading her legs. Why then were there none of these shots in our last post?

Because I was saving them up for this one!

She sure is good at it!

It might be difficult to get through these with your load intact.

Lily looks yummy!

So red and swollen, she's obviously been playing with herself.

And she's so pretty!

Very cute.

And athletic too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lily C- our third Porn Masturbation Girlfriend

Lily C is our third Porn Masturbation Girlfriend.

What a beautiful face she has! I could easily cream to this pic (although I think I'll take in some more of her).

How about her sweet little titty peeping out at us?

This babe sure has a pretty pussy!

Lily is sexy from head to toe!

She's a perfect Porn Masturbation Girlfriend. Her pics are here for our masturbation pleasure whenever we're in the mood.

Oh Yes!!!

Here's a nice close-up. But what are you masturbating over?

Such an inviting look! Lily's got my cum!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Look

Let's have another look at the two babes we're trying to decide upon.

Here's Cayenne. She sure is pretty!

And so is Lily!

Ever have trouble deciding which babe you want to blow your load over? Lily looks to be perfect for jerking-off in this shot.

But Cayenne could use your load too.

Keep stroking while you keep looking and maybe it will cum to you.

Just be sure to vote in our latest poll.

Pic the babe who turns you on most.

Which one should be our next Porn Masturbation Girlfriend?