Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What makes some porn kinky while others are just ordinary erotica?

Here's a kinky shot. It's the pony girl theme, one that never ceases to make me hard.

Just look at those beautiful bodies! Nice thighs, big round boobies, and the mistress with the cute cunt.

This one features Dita's lovely body and a pretty lady with her legs spread wide apart. Not so kinky as it is just plain erotic.

More of Dita's lovely body.

Here's some more kink- a pretty lady on a leash.

Here's something nice to masturbate over. A woman with nice breasts, holding a large tray as a blond tastes her pussy. Seems kind of kinky to me!

Another blond samples her cunt. And if you look real close I think you'll see Dita's clit poking out.

I included this shot since it gives us such a nice view of Dita's fabulous pussy.