Friday, August 10, 2012


Do you remember those old porn mags where the guy was naked up next to the naked gal but you weren't quite sure if she was actually penetrated? You probably masturbated to these anyway.

There's no doubt that this babe's getting the shaft!

Imagine watching from this angle.

That's gotta feel good!

This babe's got all she can handel

And this babe's taking it in the ass!

I like the expression on her face!

These guys have what it takes to fill up a cunt!

And here's Riley Shy, getting her pretty pussy pumped.  She sure is pretty! Maybe she'd be a good candidate for Porn Masturbation Girlfriend.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ever wonder what became of those girls who lost out on the Porn Masturbation Girlfriend poll?  The winners have it pretty easy, just lie around and look beautiful while a bunch of perverts blow their loads over their naked bodies.  But what about the losers?

                  Looks like Lexi Belle has become a fuck-toy.

                                    She's really taking a pounding!

                                                         Poor Lexi!

                                             She does have nice tits, doesn't she?

She may not be a Porn Masturbation Girlfriend, but I'm stroking my little dick over her right now!

                                                                    Sexy outfit!

                                                      Is that Lexi down there?

                                      Cum to think of it, I wouldn't mind trading places with her.

                                              Wonder if Lexi has any fun these days?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Here's some babes who really got screwed!

This blond sure is hot, and those cocks agree!

Here's a babe who's getting filled up!

Trinity had better be careful playing around with all those big cocks. Who knows what might happen?

Wonder if she was counting on an ass-fucking?  By the way, she sure is cute!  I wouldn't mind a piece when the big cocks are done with her.

Here's a babe with a pretty smile.

And here's a babe with plenty of cocks interested in her body!

Here's a pair of titties I'd love to suck on.

There's more than enough cock for this gal.

Another babe satisfying some horny cocks.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lovely Tegan Tate

The moment I saw Tegan's pic a dropped everything (except my littlt dick) and started looking for more.
This babe really appeals to me (like so many babes with their clothes off)!  Just look at that sexy titty of hers!  And what does that tattoo say?

I just keep looking at her fantastic little titty and beating-off.  But don't you think that she's asking for it?

The ultimate in porn- jerking-off to a real girl!

Teagan has such a pretty face too.  Here she's checking out a nice looking cock.

Such pretty eyes!  Such sexy tits!  No wonder I can't keep from masturbating over her pics!

Notice how sensual she is too. She's giving that lucky cock some good loving.  Wonder if I put my little tool through one of those holes whether she'd notice it?

Such beautiful eyes and I do like the way her tits hang!

Teagan is such a cute little cocksucker- she's going to get my load!

Nice looking pussy too!

We've come to the end of the post- time to cum!