Thursday, February 28, 2013


Lets look in on some babes who know what to do with those empties

                                                    Beautiful Peachez filling her cunt

                                                Allison enjoys a long-necked bottle too!

                                                        She's just getting started

                                               This pretty babe is really going at it
                                                         A group activity
                                                            Nearing climax!

                                         Wonder if she can get the whole thing in?

                                           No one can say that Peachez doesn't have class!

Porn Masturbation Girlfriend of the Year (2012)

We've been doing this feature for about a year now, and it's finally time to decide on our absolute favorite!  I usually try not to use the same pics more than once, but this post is the exception.

Here's Alyssa Reese (November 2011- yes, we are going back past this year).  I love the way this stud is licking her little titty while she sits on his cock.

                 And how about Alyssa White (January 2012). She sure does have a fantastic figure.

                            Lily C (February 2012) has a cunt well worth jerking-off over

                                       And Peachez (May 2012) has the nicest little titties!

                             Jessie Rogers (July 2012) could make me cum in my pants!

                             And Sheena Shaw (September 2012) has got be stroking too!

                             We end the year with Adrienne Manning and her sexy body


You really shouldn't spend all of your time masturbating over pics of naked women. Spend a little time masturbating over clothed women too!

And when they are as sexy as Adrienne Manning who wouldn't take a few wacks to her clothed pics?

                    And how about Sheena Shaw? Just imagine what she's got under that blouse!

                            I was masturbating to Peachez when she was still just a tease

               And Alyssa White looks pretty good even with some of her clothes on

                                                  Lily C sure does look sexy here

                                               And how about Jessie Rogers great figure?

                                        Alyssa Reese looks like such a doll in this one!

Kissing Handjobs

                                  A really wonderful experience and a good topic to beat-off over

Here's a pretty girl giving her boyfriend a big kiss and a handjob.  What more could a guy ask for?

                           He's probing her mouth with his tongue while she takes care of his cock.

                          He can just lay back and enjoy her gentle touch and soft tongue

                                        It's extra kinky when she's clothed and he's not

                                 She probably finds this a lot easier than sucking on it

                                        She can jerk-off two cocks but only kiss one

                                      He's kissing one babe while the other gets him off

                                             This babe looks so hot in her bikini!

                                                           The best of both worlds!

Jessi Palmer

                                                     Lately I've had a "thing" for Jessi

                       She's so cute, and with those glasses, maybe the studs will leave her alone

Looks like she's got tiny titties! Maybe she likes guys with tiny dicks!  And is that porn she's got on her computer monitor?

               And now she's playing with herself!  Yes, I think we have a lot in common.

                                But she looks rather sophisticated in this pic

And now some stud's after her ass!

  I was hoping maybe just the two of us could do this, but now... And his cock is so much bigger than mine.                     I sure hope she doesn't go for that sort of thing.

And now she's sucking a big one!  Doesn't she realize that little ones are easier to swallow?  But then, she is kind of cute with her mouth stuffed like that.

                                      And now she's screwing some stud with a huge cock!

Do you really think a dick that big will fit into such a little girl?  Probably not comfortably at least.

                                            She is a very pretty cocksucker, isn't she!

Maybe when those guys with the big cocks are done with her she'll have some time for me.  

                                                    Yes, we do have a lot in common!

Bobbi Starr

                                                   Let's check out the lovely Bobbi Starr

Doesn't she look sexy here? A bit of cellulite perhaps, but that just makes her interesting!

                                                     Bobbi wooed by Zenza.  More on him later

            When you're nice to the ladies you get it in the end.  Also helps to have a big cock!

                                                        Bobbi taking on two studs

                                                   And two more!  I like her expression.

                                                          Nice figure.  Nice hairy crotch!

                                                         Another stud stuffing Bobbi

                                                                   And Bobbi on top

                                                            Bobbi handling three guys

Bobbi sucking.

Notice how she swallows all of their cum?