Monday, April 30, 2012

Super Nips

I ran across this babe and just had to get more of her pics. One of the posts was called “Super Nips”. Eva Strauss sure does have super nips!

 Here's a peek. Just what you need to get hard.
And here's a better look. Just what you need to start stroking.

Of course, it's not just her nips that's got be jerking.

Nice figure!

Super body!

I bet those super nips are super tasty too!


 I just can't stop stroking my little dick.

Yes, this babe's got super nips!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Here's Nataria, a pretty little thing I've blown my load over more than once.
Isn't she cute?
And how about those tits? A masturbators delight!
Nataria's a bit on the thin side.
But such a cute face and tasty-looking titties.
She doesn't look like the kind of girl that would be sucking cock, but she's taking one here!
I like a girl who knows how to let herself be handled.
On the receiving end.
Maybe she's really a slut after all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Brides are so sexy!

Peachez has to be the sexiest bride of all time. I just love to masturbate over this pic: the long white beads, that blue garter and most of all her wonderful body!

There's more than one way to consummate a marriage!

Here's a member of the wedding party having a taste of the bride.

She's been saving herself for this.

This lady is getting on top from the start.


Here's a bride performing her wifely duty.

My fantasy bride!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I've been beating-off over pics and clips of Monica Unco lately.

She looks so beautiful here with an admirer sucking on one of her little titties.

One thing leads to another.

Monica returns the favor.

He sure is one lucky stiff!

This one gets my juices flowing. He's kissing the blond while Monica sucks his cock.

Here's a nice squat.

Jim is feeling Monica up while she masturbates. How exciting!

Here's Monica doing herself from a masturbator's point of view.

This clip is so very erotic- perhaps the ultimate in sexual experiences! Keep in mind that he could be screwing her, but he prefers to watch her masturbate!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Alison Masturbating

I use to think that Alison Angel looked kinda stiff and wooded- that is until I saw her in some of her masturbation videos!

Alison playing her pretty pussy with a purple vibrator.

I just love to see a classy babe sitting on a bottle!

A hand-job

Alison removing her panties from her pussy

Siting on a red vibrator

Getting a kiss and some good vibrations from the lovely Peachez

Alison has such a beautiful face, especially when she slides that purple vibrator in her pretty pussy. You can tell that she likes it!

I like this flick because there are at least five clothed guys standing around while Alison works her pretty pussy. She really knows how to use her hands!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Peachez Masturbating

This might get to be a regular feature here at Porn Masturbation

An innocent little hand in her pants leads to...

Depraved porn masturbation!

Here she's using what ever's handy

A really nice angle!

WOW! Look at her pussy!

Working her love beads

She sure is cute!

Peaches and Alison toying together- the female counterpart of a circle-jerk. Wonder who would win in a masturbation contest?

By the way, we should probably check out Alison's masturbation skills soon.