Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dita does herself

I was getting a different Dita post together, but this set is just too compelling!

If you're into Dita masturbation (like I am) you're sure to enjoy these!

Here's our goddess playing with her pretty pussy.

The look of passion on her face.

Her cunt lips red and swollen.

Watching Dita masturbate sure gets me masturbating.

That's it! Work that cunt!

I think we're going to cum!

This woman is so good to her fans.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Girls who are cocksuckers are so sexy!

I like the way he's got hold of her hair. I also like her tits!

This guy's got two girls taking care of his cock.

They're taking turns!

Here's a good-looking lady with a mouth full of cock.

Some of us have a hard time getting one gal to suck on us, but this dude's got a pair!

She took the whole thing!

Very sexy!

This gal's got plenty of cock to suck. Notice the one on her forehead?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fucking Machines

The first time a came across fucking machines I got so excited. They seemed like the best invention ever!

A beautiful woman with a cunt no mortal man could satisfy.

The machine does it doggy style too. The black pumps are a nice touch.

This gal gets to pick out her favorite size attachment.

Can you believe those tits?

This lovely lady prefers rear entry.

Here's the manual model. This slut can peddle her pussy to oblivion.

With the motorized version she can just lay back and experience hours of enjoyment.

A perfect picture to cum to!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Porn Review

Our next porn review is of the hun, one of the first on-line porn sites I found.

Search for the Hun on Google and you'll find a site with text links to lots of porn. The hun describes this one as “a natural brunette woman”.

He calls this one “a slim brunette in stockings unshaven.” The Hun provides little descriptions. Personally I find this unshaven look to be very sexy.

“A couple doing it in the office”. This is one of those with a naked guy and a woman (mostly) clothed.

“A slim girl with small boobs.” I get the feeling that the Hun prefers women who are busty and curvy.

“A girl and an older man.” One of the reasons I like to visit this site is the great variety of porn found there.

“A busty mature woman.” Nice looking cunt!

“Animated she-male pictures”. Sexy-looking cartoon babe with a pretty blond bush. And afterall, the penis is the one sexy part of the male body, so a few strokes over this one is ok.

“A girl in blue stockings.” What a sexy-looking woman. Pretty face and fantastic body! I downloaded every pic in the set. Love her figure. Love her tits! Love her pussy. I sure would like to know who she is so I could get more of her pics to masturbate over!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Peachez Masturbating

One of our favorite girls in our favorite pastime.

Here's the lovely Peachez with her hand in her panties. I sure would like to see more!

What a nice pic to masturbate to!

Two fingers in her sweet little cunt.

Two hands for maximum stimulation.

That mirror is a great idea.

Peachez as a masturbating bunny.

A very sexy Peachez working her precious little cunt.

Looks like she knows how to press her own buttons.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Porn review

This is the first in a series of reviews on sites that offer masturbation-grade porn. You can find this one if you Google Coolios Babes. Here's a sampling of what you'll find there.

Here's Luci, a pretty young thing dressed in sexy black beads. Most of the Coolios Babes are displayed with high-quality photography.

Here's Jenni, one of our girls of Masterjerker. And I've jerked-off to her a lot!

Polly in an “artsy” pose. Here tits are a bit on the large side, like most women in porn, but at least she has nice, big erect nipples.

Bryon in a nice display of full-frontal nudity.

Lia and her outstanding nipples. Here's a girl I've cum to quite a few times. Coolios takes comments and for Lia someone said “I think Lia be a porker, yes indeed.” I guess he likes his women skinny. I, for one, would love to give her a good porking.

Ksenia's not really my type, but I'll give her a few strokes anyway.

A nice cunt-shot from the cute Adelia. Nice looking tits on that babe!

And finally, here's Alexandra, a pretty girl with a delicious looking cunt (I like a little fur).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Riley Shy

Yesterday I started out doing a Sasha Grey post but somehow got distracted by Riley.

Look how beautiful she is! I think I could cum over her clothed, imagining what's under that pretty pink outfit.

No need for imagination here, just plenty of stroking! She's got such nice legs, I could cream over her legs, or her tits, or her face! I like that tattoo too!

Riley's real popular with the guys! She's got hold of that guy on her left while the others have to hold on to themselves.

Riley let go to spread her ass, so the guy on her left is rubbing his cock against her tummy.

She's such a cute little cocksucker! Bet she can't swallow the whole thing.

This stud's taking care of Riley.

This machine's doing a good job on her too!

What a good looking woman to masturbate over.