Monday, January 31, 2011

Full Frontal Nudity

Of all the porn poses, full frontal nudity is one of the best. You can really see what a girl's got.

Nice figure, big tits and nice legs!

You can gaze from top to bottom and back up again, masturbating all the time.

This babe's got lots to masturbate over!

Here's a hot number with long, tapering legs!

Flat-chested with nice thick calves. What's not to like?

Full-frontal nudity provides such great masturbation experiences!

I love jerking-off over babes with big hips!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Full frontal Irina

Irina N, aka Irisa and Coffee Milan. Another one of the girls of my former Masterjerker blog.

I've creamed over Irina quite a few times. Today Irina is going to show us full frontal poses.

Just look at her beautiful body! Pretty face, nice smile, and those tits!!!

It's no secrete that I have a thing for Irina. I selected her to be the masturbation girl of the year for 2007 (or some such year).

Absolutely fabulous body! She's got a perfect figure and perfect tits!

Her breasts are high on her chest and her nipples are pointing skyward.

And her face is pretty enough to masturbate over all by itself!

I like her neatly trimmed bush too.

Legs, ass, long brunette hair- Irina is worth cumming over from this side too!

Monday, January 24, 2011


She's another of our former Masterjerker babes. Maybe you've watched Peachez grow up over the years.

Peachez use to pose in sets where we didn't even get to see her titties. Then she started showing off her precious little gems. So beautiful! So sexy!!

Now we find out she's a slut!

This dude's found her love-button.

He's going to get some stinky-finger.

And give Peachez a taste!

Now he's got her begging for cock.

Looks like she goes for the big ones!

Here's our cute little cock-sucker!

She'll suck him dry.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nikki Dial

Another of the girls of Masterjerker- Nikki Dial.

What a beautiful and sexy babe! Doesn't she look nice in nylons?

Nikki oiling up for our masturbation pleasure.

Nice cunt shot!

Nikki is tit-ti-tit with Kelly O'Dell. Nikki sure is beautiful, but her tits are a bit floppy. Kelly is much perkier!

Back in the day guys had to keep their cocks to themselves. Of course jerking-off over Nikki could be a lot of fun!

One of my favorites. Shows just how lovely Nikki Dial is.

Here's a lucky dude who's scoring!

Some guys have all the luck! Of course, maybe he's got more in his pants too!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Alyssa in Pink

I've had quite a few masturbation blogs in the past. Porn Masturbation (#1) was one of them. Another was Masterjerker and I had a regular feature called “The Girls of Masterjerker”. This was a somewhat exclusive group. One of my girls was Alyssa Lovelace.

Here she is! What a nice smile! What a nice figure! What a nice ass!

And here she is dressed only in pumps. Look at the way her tit sticks out!

And a full-frontal view. This goddess is perfect!

Here's a classic pic that was in quite a few ads a while back. Alyssa squatting for our masturbation pleasure!

Alyssa has nice blond hair, a very pretty face, and such nice big lips. I like her tits a lot too, even though I'm usually attracted to small tops. Nicely shaped, not too big, and they hang in an interesting way.

Alyssa playing with her pussy- She's so sexy! I've masturbated to completion over her more times than I can remember.

Alyssa makes me sooooh horny!!!! I feel as if I'm about to cum.

I'll have to finish this post and then blow my load over her. Then it's down the hatch for my goddess!!!