Friday, March 30, 2012

Classic Pornstars- Micki Lynn

Let's blow another load to a sexy classic pornstar, Micki Lynn!

I use to have this particular mag in my collection. It gave me many happy orgasms!

Here's a set I liked a lot! Micki masturbating her muff while the doctor fondles her breast.

Such a cute little slut!

Check out her earrings! They look like chandeliers!

A cum-shot compilation. Micki's got a face that's begging for it!

Who among us wouldn't want to blow his load on her?

Here's a particular pic that I masturbated over many times.

Love her pretty face and the way her tits are hanging down!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lexi above us

Lexi Belle makes me masturbate! Here's a few of her pics that do it.

Love those black gloves. They really go well with her blond hair!

She looks like the Statue of Liberty!

Spread those pussy lips!

Painted tits

Just look at the pretty hairy pussy!

Work it Lexi!

Finger licking good!

Here's a lucky stiff getting a really closeup look!

One last look!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Girls on Top

Here's a pose that's really great to masturbate over

You can slowly stroke your dick and daydream about what you'd do if she was really standing there like that

Or you can stroke frantically as you ogle her pretty pussy

Either way, the view is spectacular!

I usually like the ones where her pussy and face are both in focus- hard to do- but this one was just to nice!

Big, oiled-up tits

Very nice pussy close-up, and notice how her face is in focus too? Really good technique!

Very inviting

Here's an interesting pic

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Some bulls really know how to use their cocks

Looks like this babe's in for a serious fucking

Here's a dude who knows what to do with a cunt

This stud has a good grip on the situation

Really exciting to jerk-off to the sight of a pussy penetrated by a big cock!

Liz's boyfriend isn't so big, but she likes it anyway. Maybe she doesn't know any different.

Pussy on a pole

Here's a stud who's filling up his girl

It's pretty clear that this babe is being screwed!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Girls on Top

Women as the superior sex

Man lying obediently on his back while his woman performs the act

She knows just how to sit on it

Kissing is important too!

She's explaining to him that he needs to relax and let her take care of everything

She's taking her time and getting it right

Isn't it better this way?

She knows how to use his cock better than he does

Holding on tight!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Full Frontal Nudity

Stroking and ogling beautiful woman from head to toe

This babe certainly is beautiful.

Not totally nude, but all of the essential features exposed

Really nice hips!

More nice hips, and notice how cute her cunt is?

Just a little furry

There's more to masturbate over with full frontal nudity!

Oiled up and ready to be masturbated over!

I just had to have another look (and quite a few more strokes).

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Masturbating to Romy

Ran across this babe today. She made me masturbate!

Here's Romy. She might be a bit chubby and her tits are a little too big, but she's got a pretty face.

And she knows how to work that pussy!

I'm stroking my little dick while she's fingering her clit.

Two fingers in her cunt and the more I masturbate the prettier she looks!

I like her masturbation face!

Her flower is in bloom. And hat a pretty pink flower it is!

Masturbating under the alias Kirsten Plant.

And now she's got a girlfriend who'll do it for her!

The end!