Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Look

Lets have another look at our candidates for Porn Masturbation Girlfriend.  Be sure to vote for your favorite

                                                                  Will it be Desirae?

                                                                       Or Ash?

                                       Ash masturbating for your masturbation pleasure

                                  Desirae masturbating for your masturbation pleasure

                                                          Ash sucking a big cock

                                                          Desirae sucking her husband

                                                                       So who will it be?

Vote for our next Porn Masturbation Girlfriend (and by all means, be sure to masturbate over these babse too!)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Who nailed MaryJane?

                                                      Lets check in on MaryJane

                                                MaryJane seems like such a nice girl

                                              But what's this? She's posing nude!

                                                And now she's sucking a big cock!

                                                     What's become of MaryJane?

                              Of course I don't blame those guys for going after her hot body

But Mary seems to be screwing every cock in sight!

                                                            Where will it all lead?

                                        Well, she does look kinda sexy with those big, swollen nipples!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Next Porn Masturbation Girlfriend

                         Who will it be, Ash or Desirae?  You, the visitor to this blog can decide!

                                    Here's Ash Hollywood, looking very sexy in her lingerie

                                    And here's Desirae Spencer, also very sexy in her lingerie

                                           Of course, nude is even better to masturbate to!

                                                   Ash has such nice all-natural tits!

                                                     Ash getting stuffed with a nice, big cock

                                                Desirae taking it from her husband

                                                    Desirae licking lovely Kacy's Kunt

Ash getting examined by one of her girlfriends

Be sure to vote for our next Porn Masturbation Girlfriend in the poll over on the right 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


                            I've was thinking about doing a mature post and then I ran across Desirae

             I've cum for Desirae several times over he years. I find her rather attractive.

                                                    And how about her sexy figure?

                                                    Desirae's got a nice furry muff too

                                            What an ass! This pic really gets me stroking it!

                                                                   What's this thing?


                                                  Naughty Desirae is lifting up her skirt!

                                  It's extra special to masturbate over someone else's wife

                                                She looks like she was made for fucking

                                                      Desirae's husband sure is a lucky stiff

                                                   And how about this birthday present?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ash Masturbating

Here's Ash Hollywood, my latest obsession

That book Ash is reading has got her all excited..  Her lovely thighs have got me all excited!

                              Ash feels compelled to strip down.  What a nice body she has!

                                                      Go to it girl!  Work that pussy!

                                   Ash is so hot, especially when she plays with herself

Here's the ultimate fantasy- jerking off while you watch Ash play with her pussy!

                                                             Which one of will cum first?

                                              This one's especially nice to masturbate too!

                                            Bleached blond with a pink vibrator!

                                    Ash masturbating while some pervert feels her up

                                               Maybe we'll be seeing more of this gal

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ever wonder what to do with your cum?

Here's a guy whose giving it to a beautiful lady

                                                  Notice how he's leaking on her nipple?

                                 An innocent looking face, being filled with spunk

                                                 She's there to catch every drop

                                         The beautiful Desiree Cousteau taking a load

                                                   They called this personal therapy!

Please excuse all the shots of Desiree, but I use to have some of these mags and I masturbated to them quite a bit.  Hence my fixation!

                                               Another pretty lady with cum on her face

                                     This lovely lady isn't going to open her mouth

And here's Stephanie, star of our 6/11/11 post on Bukkake and object some of my masturbation