Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adrienne Manning

Did you ever run across a girl who you thought must be the most beautiful woman in the whole world- at least at that moment.

I ran across Adrienne at Coolios Babes. Right away I grabbed my dick and started stroking overtime. So naturally I went on the web looking for more of her.

This pic needs some explanation. First of all, doesn't she have an absolutely gorgeous face? I was masturbating and paging through my recent Adrienne collection when I felt the urge to cum. This is the one I stopped on as I blew my load into my hand. I adored Adrienne so much that I licked it all up.

I didn't get around to posting her that first day, but here I am jerking-off over her again.

So beautiful!!! So sexy!!! So perfect to masturbate over!!!

Here's one from the first post I came across. I really like the panties at her knees. And what nice tits she has!

Nice body!!! Nice legs!!! Nice to masturbate over!!!

Speaking of nice legs.

Do you get the feeling she's offering us something?

I like the way she's pinching her nipples. I also like the way her body looks!

And here's where I imagine burying my face between her legs and wonder if her pussy tastes as good as it looks. Isn't masturbation wonderful?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sasha Grey

I think it's really exciting that Sasha Grey is developing a career outside of porn.

Sasha's so sexy. And while I haven't seen her in any mainstream movies I'm sure she'd keep my attention.

Especially if she takes her clothes off.

All that beauty and she's got talent too!

She's my kind of heroine.

I'm sure she could do quite a variety of roles.

Of course, knowing her past, it would be very hard not to get an erection when she was on the screen.

I'd be thinking about what a pretty cocksucker she is.

And the way she spreads her legs!

I sure hope she's successful!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stroking over Dita

It's been awhile since I've creamed over Dita, too long in fact.

Dita sure does look sexy in that corset and those black stockings. Perfect for masturbating over!

But this one's even better! What a figure!

But what's this? She's got her hand in her crotch! How I love the way she dresses!

Nothing makes a beautiful woman look so sexy as when she masturbates.

Look at her big artificial tits! And her cunt's all red!

Get down Dita! You're making us all horny!

Work that thing!

She probably just finished stripping in front of a crowd of horny guys.

Rear entry.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I am so turned on by the sight of a bunch of cocks creaming all over a beautiful woman.

Here's Stephanie, the gorgeous brunette on the right. She's got to be one of the nicest looking babes I've run across in awhile. Of course I'm checking out the blond to as I stroke my little dick.

I like Stephanie's outfit too! Lacy nighty with garter belt and black fishnet stockings. Very sexy. And she's surrounded by horny cocks! I like the way she thinks it's funny!

Some lucky stiff getting his cock sucked by Stephanie. And check out that cock sticking streight up in the air. I bet he's anticipating her lips around his shaft.

She certainly does have a pretty face. And she's got hard cocks oozing cum on it.

Stephanie's drawing more cocks that want to cum on her. And there's her tit!!!

A pretty girl covered in cum. I'll beat-off to that!!!

Stephanie's back for more. This time she's dressed in a skimpy blue outfit.

Some lucky stiff copping a feel.

Stephanie's naked!!! She sure is sexy! Imagine being in that circle. I usually only do 8 pics in a set, but who would want to miss this?

69ing. Just imagine that lovely cum-covered girl lying on top of you while you do it with her!!!

Such a pretty face. No wonder so many cocks want to cum on it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera use to be one of my favorite masturbation girlfriends. You could say that I had a crush on her.

Doesn't she look cute here? Almost innocent.

How about this outfit? And her dark skin and hair?

This is one of my (many) favorites! I always like those shots showing the bra coming off.

Just look at those legs! There's some tit and pussy here too! And by the way, she's got a pretty face.

Rocco and Asia grabbing at each others genitals. I like those big white beads too!

Male porn starts back then had it really rough. They always had their hard stiff cock just short of the babe's pussy. Must have been vary frustrating. Asia sure does look pretty here. She'd probably look even prettier with that cock in her cunt.

Here's one from the first internet porn I ever came across (or to for that matter).

I masturbated over Asia's earlier porn more than her later stuff. It seemed to me that her tits got rather large and misshapen. Still, she's looking very sexy here, don't you agree?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cupless bras

Women in lingerie are very sexy. Perhaps one of the best inventions in lingerie is the cupless bra.

Check out this babe! All the sexiness of lingerie and we also get to see her tits!

Very attractive and she's not exactly naked.

This babe has a lot to show us.

What could be better than a cupless bra? A cupless bra and crotchless panties!

Very cute!

Here's an interesting item.

I like masturbating over babes in cupless bras more than masturbating over bear-breasted babes.

Here's Peachez showing off her cute little nipples and nice figure.