Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pretty Girls

Pics of pretty girls are always nice to pop a load out of your penis to. The last time I checked they were the favorite in our poll on the matter.

Here's Rebecca Linares- a real pleasure to blow a load to!

And how about Sunny Leone? I've lots track of the number of times I've cummed to this beautiful babe!

Charlie from Teendreams looks so sexy, I can't help but cum to her!

And those nice hips on Sandra from Mc Nudes. Her naked body makes me give it up!

Here's Wild Anna, dressed like a nun. That kind of kink sure makes me cum!

Solange Hop and I go way back. I first started cumming to her when I saw a tiny pic of her in an ad in the back of a mag.

This nice pic of Taylor Lain is perfect for coaxing out some cum.

And here's Sandy Cage, spread wide for our masturbation pleasure. I don't know which is more cummable, her sexy little titties or that cunt I( can just imagine sinking my face into!

Who knows?  Maybe one of these pretty girls could be our next Porn Masturbation Girlfriend.  Trouble is, it's so hard to decide between them (and, of course, my little dick's so hard too!).

Monday, July 16, 2012


What could be nicer than masturbating to a pic of a pretty girl with her legs spread wide apart?

It sure does feel nice to masturbate to this lovely brunette!

Masturbating to this blond feels real good too!

Nice smile, pretty mouth, and sexy cunt lips!

This babe's letting it all hang out!

She's offering us a good view of her pretty pussy.

Here's a tasty looking blond!

She's been playing with herself to enhance our masturbation experience

And here's a nice mirror image

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mirror Images

Who is that masturbator in the mirror?

Here's a sexy babe getting some kinda perverse thrill by watching herself fuck herself

Here's another gal who likes watching herself cum

What a nice view!

You can tell by the way her pussy is red and swollen that she's been watching herself too!

Another pretty pussy in the mirror

This guys recording his blowjob for posterity

And here's a guy watching himself stroking his big, stiff cock

And how about the sight of a dick spewing cum?

And here's a nice show

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Full Frontal Nudity

Full frontal nudity is perfect for inspecting a babes body while you stroke away

Here's a pair of pretty babes. The brunette on the left has bigger hips. The blond on the right has bigger tits. What's your preference?

Big tits, nice hips. Plenty to masturbate over here!

Here face is kinda plain, but a nice pair of tits and a sexy figure.

The more I masturbate to this babe the more I like her body

This gal looks kinda interesting! She's getting a few extra strokes!

Very sexy pose! I just love the female body!

Very nice little titties and thighs I'd just love to kiss!

Talk about a sexy figure! This babes got be beatin-off in high gear!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The view from below

Lets gave up upon some heavenly bodies while we masturbate.

Truly a thing of great beauty. Wonder what she's thinking as she watches us?

She's nice and clean.

She'll let us worship her pretty pussy, but that's all.

Here's one that's closed up tight. Do you suppose you could get her to open up with your tongue?

And here's one that's swollen and ready for action!

This babe's got my imagination going.

She could sit on my face!

Wonder if she'd let us give it a little kiss?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Porn Masturbation Girlfriends who suck

Which of our PMGs are cocksuckers?

Here's Alyssa Reese, our first Porn Masturbation Girlfriend (PMG) down on her knees.

I haven't found any pics of Alyssa White sucking cock so Alyssa Reese is standing in for her (our should I say, kneeling in).

Didn't find any of Lily C either, but Peachez is up for it.

And a POV shot of Peachez.

Jessie Rogers, our newest PMG, is also a cocksucker.

Some of our losers are cocksuckers.

Including our latest PMG loser (who was that masked cocksucker?).

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jessie is our fifth Porn Masturbation Girlfriend

Jessie is our fifth Porn Masturbation Girlfriend

Here she is! Just check out Jessie's sexy figure! She's got me stroking and she hasn't even stripped down yet!
Looking mighty cute here!

Spreading wide and making her pussy very sexy!

And how about this shot? Hot lips, terrific tits and such a nice figure!

A little heavy on the eye make-up but very very cute!

And lets not forget Jessie's ass! I bet it got her a few votes!

Thighs, legs, tits, hips, face... so much to masturbate over!

What a woman!