Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fiesta readers wives

Fancy beating-off over pics of someones wife?

Here's a sexy looking lady. And that's her with her lucky husband receiving some sort of award. Wonder what her husband was thinking?

Maybe he likes the idea of thousands of guys wanking over his wife while he gets to screw her.

Here's another sexy wife showing a bit of cleavage.

These are better to masturbate over! Some guys have all the luck. But we're lucky to have her as masturbation material.

Here's another proud husband's cunt.

How many guys do you suppose creamed over this wife?

I use to have this mag. When I ran across Emily I went crazy! She's sooooohhhhh beautiful! I couldn't stop masturbating over her.

This is the shot that made me cum a bunch of times. Check out those rings in her nipples and pussy lips! Very sexy!!! Check out her thighs too!!!