Monday, November 28, 2011

Violet Erotica

Time to whip it out and give it a good beating!

When I ran across Violet I grabbed my little dick and went at it! I just had to have more of this babe!

Check out her figure!!! Fantastic!!!

Did I mention that she has a terrific figure???

So much sexiness in one women! Love that long dark hair, her big eyes, her thick lips! And those tits could really make me a big booby lover! And did I mention her figure?

Violet can clean my house any day!

Tits and ass!!!

A closer look at those tattoos.

And she looks absolutely delicious!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Classic Pornstars- Ginger Lynn

A beautiful woman and a sexy slut!

Doesn't Ginger look cute here with her tits sticking up?

A true porn goddess!

This one's from a sexy scene where Ginger tells John Holmes “Dinner is served”. To see a short clip of this fantastic flick go to my Cunnilingus blog.

Who wouldn't want to cum on Ginger's butt?

Here she is all greased up and sitting on a cock.

This shot is from a mag I once had that was just about Ginger. I jerked-off over this shot quite a bit. I can just imagine lying there, masturbating while she watches.

I did it for this one too! I like that look on his face.

Ginger continues her cocksucker career.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Classic Pornstars- Ron Jeremy

This is the first of our series on Classic Pornstars and we are going to start with a true professional- Ron Jeremy. Ron has had a long and illustrious carer as a satisfier of horny women and a defender of porn.

Just look at that beautiful woman! So sexy! So desirable! What I wouldn't give just to be able to kiss her ass!

She gives herself to Ron! I'm so jealous! This guy gets all those lovely ladies and all I get is to masturbate over the pics!

I like the way the cameraman is focusing in on her cunt.

Ron penetrates another beauty! When I was younger I use to masturbate and drool over those babes while I wondered what they saw in that hairy brute. The truth is that they craved his huge cock and how he knew how to use it.

Ron's still going strong! Just look at that sexy young body he's got hold of! Looks like she's got a hold of him too!

What man Ron's age wouldn't love to be sucking on a young pair of tits like that (even if they couldn't get it up anymore)!

It's really nice to see him getting pussy like that after all these years. He's still got what the ladies like. And speaking of ladies, who is that beautiful babe he's balling?

Jennifer White! Wonder if we'll be seeing more of her?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our first Porn Masturbation Girlfriend

Alissa G got 4 votes in the head-to-head poll and Alyssa Reece got 2. But Alyssa Reece also gets the 4 from her solo poll, so that makes her the winner for our first ever Porn Masturbation Girlfriend. Maybe I’ll enter Alissa G in a future poll.
Porn Masturbation Girlfriends are special here. They get regular posts as well as regular masturbation.

Alyssa has already appeared in a posts here
as well as small tops, cunnilingus and three at masturbation goddess”
Meet alyssa
Alyssa II and
sex with Mandy.

All of these posts attest to my recent obsession with her.
Here first post as an official masturbation girlfriend is about Alyssa and her big boob girlfriends.

Four girls appearing from left to right in the order of their endowment. Alyssa on the right is clearly the flattest, and judging from that look on her face, she knows it.

No doubt Alyssa compared herself to the other girls when she showered.

Alyssa sticking her chest out to try to make herself appear bigger. The other gal is giving her a look that seems to say “I may not have much but compared to me you’re pathetic.”

If you’ve been masturbating and carefully examining the women so far you may have noticed that what Alyssa lacks in tits she makes up with her nice figure. But here’s a babe who comes in first in both categories.

Alyssa knows her place. Here she’s subservient to the big booby blond.

So how does she stack up?

I, for one, have a thing for flat-chested girls. I want Alyssa for my Porn Masturbation Girlfriend.

This girl’s going to get a lot of my cum!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Which babe should be our first Porn Masturbation Girlfriend?

Alissa G (blond)
Alyssa Reece (brunette)

I was totally infatuated with Alyssa Reece and wanted to make her the first Porn Masturbation Girlfriend. However Alyssa White (Alisa G) came along and I've had second thoughts. So lets put this to a vote. Unfortunately voting on Alyssa Reece has started. To be fair, all of Alyssa's yes votes from that other poll will be added to this one (less the nos). Complicated? That's the way it is sometimes when there are so many babes to beat-off over.

To help with our decision here's some pics of both. It's blond vs Brunette

Alissa G is the sexy blond on the right.

Alyssa Reece is the sexy brunette on the left.

Nice ass!

Full-frontal nudity. Stroke your cock a few times for each girl just to get the right feel for each.

Legs in the air. A few more strokes should help you decide.

Both girls with girlfriends. Their tits always look smaller when they are next to full-breasted babes. Alyssa Reece is a bit more kinky.

It always helps to have a cunt-closeup. Alissa G's pretty pussy is on the right.

Alyssa Reece's cute cunt is on the left.

Vote your conscience (or cock) in our poll on the right sidebar.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Alyssa White

I'd like to thank Alyssa for inspiring my post in beatin-off. Readers may be happy to know that although I didn't cum to her last night I did get back to her this morning.

Here's the cum-shot. Check out the expression on her face. To me it's like “go ahead and jerk-off over my cunt. You'll never get any closer loser.” Look how red and swollen it is. She's obviously been playing with it.

Another swollen cunt shot. And just look at that posture! Alyssa has real talent for posing nude. It's partly about her lovely face, it's partly about her sexy body and it's partly about the way she holds herself.

After having gone crazy over this babe, searched for her porn pics and creamed over her I came across this one and realized that she's appeared here before. Small world!

Lets check out her cunt again. Could it look any more inviting? As we masturbate we can imagine what we'd like to do with it. Some of you probably would like to stick your big hard cocks into it and ream her out. Some of us don't have big cocks. But I for one imagine going down on her and bringing her to orgasm, maybe after you're done. Freshly fucked women are tastier!

Beautiful face and delicious cunt. Talent!

And that figure! I really am into nice hips.

I like these shots of the tit from behind too.

I sure do feel like blowing my load for this girl again. Right now Alyssa is special and I feel like posting her pics at more of my blogs. Of course there are lots of other girls on the net. Being a porn masturbator is full of many difficult decisions!