Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Full frontal Irina

Irina N, aka Irisa and Coffee Milan. Another one of the girls of my former Masterjerker blog.

I've creamed over Irina quite a few times. Today Irina is going to show us full frontal poses.

Just look at her beautiful body! Pretty face, nice smile, and those tits!!!

It's no secrete that I have a thing for Irina. I selected her to be the masturbation girl of the year for 2007 (or some such year).

Absolutely fabulous body! She's got a perfect figure and perfect tits!

Her breasts are high on her chest and her nipples are pointing skyward.

And her face is pretty enough to masturbate over all by itself!

I like her neatly trimmed bush too.

Legs, ass, long brunette hair- Irina is worth cumming over from this side too!