Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here's Jenni Gregg, who is another one of the girls of Masterjerker. That means I've jerked-off a lot over her, among other things. Here's the very pretty Jenni in some very sexy old fashioned nylon stockings.
And what's this? We've got a great shot of her panties! Time to start masturbating.
Now here's something to masturbate over! Jeni's hot naked body and some mor of those old fashoned nylon stockings.
I got his one from Cooloo's Babes. They seem to feature a lot of shots that show off her ass. Here are some of the viewers comments: It is I says ... “MMMMMMMMMM Jenni” joep says ... “No matter how big that gorgeous butt gets, I'll still enjoy looking at it!” Nobody says ... “And I love masturbating over her!!!” (That's me) Nobody says ... “If that last comment doesn't say she's over-rated nothing does.”(A different nobody) Nobody says ... “Babes don't need to be over-rated for me to jerk-off over them.”(Me again)
I think Jenni's got a nice ass, but that's not the only thing about her that I like to beat-off over.
She's got fantastic tits!!!
Nice cunt too. Looks like it's all red and swollen. She must have been playing with herself.
Yes, yes, yes!!! Very, very, very sexy!!!