Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girl in Blue Stockings

I've had this folder on my desktop for a bit (since July 18 to be specific- that makes a month now- it's our anniversary sort-off). She appeared in a previous post of mine and I've masturbated over her pics a number of times and even cum for her. I'm finally getting around to a post.

What's so special about this girl? Let's start from the top. She has nice long brunette hair and a pretty face. Look at how her lips are pursed. And those tits! Partly covered by her long brunette hair. Nice size and shape.

Of course, I think she has a very nice figure. Almost perfect! And those cunt lips! A hint of hair. I can really stroke my dick to this babe as I scan her body.

Legs apart. Did I mention that she's got really nice, smooth thighs? She's ready for action! Maybe like getting those pussy lips licked?

Jumping. Yes, she's really cool!

Casual. She's showing off her body so that thousands, maybe millions of masturbators can pleasure themselves. Wonder how much cum this babe has induced.

More full-frontal nudity. She looks a little different in each pic. Very sexy, but she isn't letting us see her bare legs.