Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ever wonder what became of those girls who lost out on the Porn Masturbation Girlfriend poll?  The winners have it pretty easy, just lie around and look beautiful while a bunch of perverts blow their loads over their naked bodies.  But what about the losers?

                  Looks like Lexi Belle has become a fuck-toy.

                                    She's really taking a pounding!

                                                         Poor Lexi!

                                             She does have nice tits, doesn't she?

She may not be a Porn Masturbation Girlfriend, but I'm stroking my little dick over her right now!

                                                                    Sexy outfit!

                                                      Is that Lexi down there?

                                      Cum to think of it, I wouldn't mind trading places with her.

                                              Wonder if Lexi has any fun these days?