Saturday, December 11, 2010


I ran across this hot babe while porn surfing today.

Here's the pic I came across. Boy is Stacy hot! She had me working my little dick overtime. I considered making her a “Dream Girl” at our sister site, Small Tops, but upon reflection I decided her tits were too big for that honor.

But check out her body! What a nice shape. A really nice tit too, even if it's a bit large (I realize that many of you don't consider her large).

And check her out from this end! I love that long brown hair. She's got a nice looking cunt too! And how about those legs! Such great thighs! It's always nice to have the panties hanging down like that too!

Stacy as a blond. Love the shots with the bra coming off. Always so exciting when a woman slips out of her bra.

Here's a nice full-frontal shot. This babe's got a nice smile and a nice body!

She's got a really sexy shape. Her hips aren't that wide but her thighs are nice and big so it gives her a kind of hour-glass effect. Very nice to masturbate over!

Speaking of masturbating, Stacy's working her pretty pussy.

Now look at how red and swollen and beautiful it's become. I like the way it folds, so beautiful and so inviting! How I'd love to lick her there. Women with pussies that look like that have obviously been playing with themselves.

That's sweet the way they're holding hands. Compared to her friend, Stacy doesn't look so big. But her friend probably has implants. Hope Stacy never goes for them. She really has “normal” sized breasts that are really attractive in my opinion.