Friday, July 8, 2011

Jenna Haze

I feel like masturbating over Jenna Haze today.

This is from the set that I discovered Jenna in. Isn't she beautiful? But she doesn't seem to know what to do with that big red dildo. Or perhaps she knows and is reluctant.

Go ahead and suck on it Jenna- that way it will slide nice and easily into that pretty pussy of yours.

No she's got the hang of it! Ever since I masturbated over this set I've believed that Jenna has one of the prettiest clits in porn.

Wow! She sure looks sexy in this one!

Jenna a little younger. Nice clit!

Jenna a little older. Nice clit!

Jenna in curlers. She looks good enough to jerk-off over!

Sexy babe!

Tied up and looking pretty.

Nice from behind too!

And how about this clip? I do believe Jenna's developed a taste for cum! I sure would like to be next in line for her!