Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've never done a Nella post before. I've masturbated over her a number of times, even to completion on occasion, but never a post. I think she's hot, sort of, but I've never made the commitment.

Check her out in this sexy bathing suit. It's so skimpy it's better than being completely nude!

How about this closeup? It's just enough to protect her privates!

Nella got her start in porn as a cocksucker. That's quite a lot of cock for such a little girl!

Nella licking pussy.

She certainly is a good looking woman. A bit thin but very worthy of masturbation.

Nella getting down! I like the way she's handling that vibrator!

Such a pretty masturbator, although I'm afraid she's no longer a B-cup.

Pretty face and perky titties!