Monday, December 5, 2011

The Varieties of Breast Experiences

There is certainly a wonderful variety in the female breast giving us masturbators plenty to stroke to.

Ample- Perhaps the overall favorite among masturbators. This babe sure has plenty up front and she knows it!

Big and droopy- This gal's tits are almost down to her waist. That doesn't keep me from stroking to them!

Big Areola- She's got plenty to smile about with those tits and we've got plenty to masturbate over.

Flat- My personal favorite. This sexy lady really makes me beat my meat!

Hot- Check out the tits on this babe!

Milky- They're loaded and ready for action!

Pancakes- So nice to jerk-off to. I bet they'd be nice with some syrup on them too!

Perky- Another one of my personal favorites (but then, I have so many!)!