Friday, December 30, 2011

Classic Pornstars- Felecia

Felecia and I go way back. I first creamed over her pics of a scene she did with Bionca. I believe it was in a Puritan mag. I sure would like to cream to those pics again.

Here's Felecia, with her lovely eyes and fantastic pointy tits.

What a treat it would be to lick one of her nipples.

She's got class too! That looks like an expensive champagne bottle!

Here's Felecia with Stephanie Swift, another babe with really nice pointy tits. They both seem to have erect nipples all of the time.

A tender kiss.

Here's one of my favorites. I use to have the mag this one was in. I creamed to it over and over and over again! I still like to do it to it.

Felecia getting her luscious cunt licked.

That girl doing her looks pretty cute too!

Here's a classic!