Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lexi Belle

Maybe Lexi Belle could be one of our next candidates for Porn Masturbation Girlfriend.

She sure does seem to have what it takes!  Long blond hair, cute face (perhaps a bit too much makeup), nice tits and a very pretty pussy.

And check out her figure!  Very sexy!

Lexi has a lot of different looks. She's not always in the same old pose.

And she's got a nice ass too!

Perhaps you don't recognize her from this angle.  What would you do if you were the one in the scene?  Whip her?  Whip out your dick and put it in her pussy?  Whip it out and masturbate?

Lexi making eyes at the camera man.

Lexi does a lot of kinky sets.  Here she's looking beautiful in a blue party dress.

But of course, she looks even more beautiful with the dress on the floor.

Well, I certainly have creamed over Lexi enough.  Should she be one of our next candidates?