Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jessi Palmer

                                                     Lately I've had a "thing" for Jessi

                       She's so cute, and with those glasses, maybe the studs will leave her alone

Looks like she's got tiny titties! Maybe she likes guys with tiny dicks!  And is that porn she's got on her computer monitor?

               And now she's playing with herself!  Yes, I think we have a lot in common.

                                But she looks rather sophisticated in this pic

And now some stud's after her ass!

  I was hoping maybe just the two of us could do this, but now... And his cock is so much bigger than mine.                     I sure hope she doesn't go for that sort of thing.

And now she's sucking a big one!  Doesn't she realize that little ones are easier to swallow?  But then, she is kind of cute with her mouth stuffed like that.

                                      And now she's screwing some stud with a huge cock!

Do you really think a dick that big will fit into such a little girl?  Probably not comfortably at least.

                                            She is a very pretty cocksucker, isn't she!

Maybe when those guys with the big cocks are done with her she'll have some time for me.  

                                                    Yes, we do have a lot in common!