Thursday, February 28, 2013

Full Frontal Nudity

One of the best poses for thoroughly checking out a babe is the full frontal shot

This babe has a figure well worth a few strokes.  And I'm sure those of you who like big boobs appreciate what she's got up front.

How about a few strokes for this girl?  Those glasses give her that nerdy look and her tits are really fantastic!   Some studs might think that unshaven crotch is old-fashioned, but I find it to be very cute.

                                                           Here's a lady on a pedestal.

                                         Here's a no-nonsense pose- take it or leave it!

                                                      Another figure worth ogling

                                                            Very nice legs on this babe

                               And here's Adrienne Manning, campaigning for your vote

                                                   Sophia Sutra approves this message

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