Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday I added a story to the Angela series at my Masturbation Fantasies blog. I'd like to share one of my sources of inspiration for this. In the story the fictional Angela gets tied to a cart. I was masturbating over this shot as I wrote that.
This is so hot!!! I love those stockings, and the way her legs are spread apart, and that hairy bush with her little clit peeking out.
For much of the story I was alternating between beating-off over this pic and typing on the keyboard- kind of like what I'm doing now. I suppose that I could write faster if I didn't masturbate so much, but then I wouldn't be inspired!!!
This pic provided inspiration for the part where Angela is turned over and lubed up. The model here (Angel, or Karina Ballerina) fits the description of Angela in the story pretty well- brunette with tits that aren't too big.
Another shot of Angel. I think she's really hot and I do enjoy masturbating over her.
Love her body and the way she dresses. The fictional Angela has somewhat smaller tits, but you can imagine them any size that turns you on.
Poor Angel gets herself in such predicaments.
Lets visit this scene once more. Imagine that you are standing in line, waiting your turn with her cunt.