Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera use to be one of my favorite masturbation girlfriends. You could say that I had a crush on her.

Doesn't she look cute here? Almost innocent.

How about this outfit? And her dark skin and hair?

This is one of my (many) favorites! I always like those shots showing the bra coming off.

Just look at those legs! There's some tit and pussy here too! And by the way, she's got a pretty face.

Rocco and Asia grabbing at each others genitals. I like those big white beads too!

Male porn starts back then had it really rough. They always had their hard stiff cock just short of the babe's pussy. Must have been vary frustrating. Asia sure does look pretty here. She'd probably look even prettier with that cock in her cunt.

Here's one from the first internet porn I ever came across (or to for that matter).

I masturbated over Asia's earlier porn more than her later stuff. It seemed to me that her tits got rather large and misshapen. Still, she's looking very sexy here, don't you agree?