Saturday, November 5, 2011

Alyssa White

I'd like to thank Alyssa for inspiring my post in beatin-off. Readers may be happy to know that although I didn't cum to her last night I did get back to her this morning.

Here's the cum-shot. Check out the expression on her face. To me it's like “go ahead and jerk-off over my cunt. You'll never get any closer loser.” Look how red and swollen it is. She's obviously been playing with it.

Another swollen cunt shot. And just look at that posture! Alyssa has real talent for posing nude. It's partly about her lovely face, it's partly about her sexy body and it's partly about the way she holds herself.

After having gone crazy over this babe, searched for her porn pics and creamed over her I came across this one and realized that she's appeared here before. Small world!

Lets check out her cunt again. Could it look any more inviting? As we masturbate we can imagine what we'd like to do with it. Some of you probably would like to stick your big hard cocks into it and ream her out. Some of us don't have big cocks. But I for one imagine going down on her and bringing her to orgasm, maybe after you're done. Freshly fucked women are tastier!

Beautiful face and delicious cunt. Talent!

And that figure! I really am into nice hips.

I like these shots of the tit from behind too.

I sure do feel like blowing my load for this girl again. Right now Alyssa is special and I feel like posting her pics at more of my blogs. Of course there are lots of other girls on the net. Being a porn masturbator is full of many difficult decisions!