Thursday, November 17, 2011

Classic Pornstars- Ron Jeremy

This is the first of our series on Classic Pornstars and we are going to start with a true professional- Ron Jeremy. Ron has had a long and illustrious carer as a satisfier of horny women and a defender of porn.

Just look at that beautiful woman! So sexy! So desirable! What I wouldn't give just to be able to kiss her ass!

She gives herself to Ron! I'm so jealous! This guy gets all those lovely ladies and all I get is to masturbate over the pics!

I like the way the cameraman is focusing in on her cunt.

Ron penetrates another beauty! When I was younger I use to masturbate and drool over those babes while I wondered what they saw in that hairy brute. The truth is that they craved his huge cock and how he knew how to use it.

Ron's still going strong! Just look at that sexy young body he's got hold of! Looks like she's got a hold of him too!

What man Ron's age wouldn't love to be sucking on a young pair of tits like that (even if they couldn't get it up anymore)!

It's really nice to see him getting pussy like that after all these years. He's still got what the ladies like. And speaking of ladies, who is that beautiful babe he's balling?

Jennifer White! Wonder if we'll be seeing more of her?