Sunday, November 6, 2011


Which babe should be our first Porn Masturbation Girlfriend?

Alissa G (blond)
Alyssa Reece (brunette)

I was totally infatuated with Alyssa Reece and wanted to make her the first Porn Masturbation Girlfriend. However Alyssa White (Alisa G) came along and I've had second thoughts. So lets put this to a vote. Unfortunately voting on Alyssa Reece has started. To be fair, all of Alyssa's yes votes from that other poll will be added to this one (less the nos). Complicated? That's the way it is sometimes when there are so many babes to beat-off over.

To help with our decision here's some pics of both. It's blond vs Brunette

Alissa G is the sexy blond on the right.

Alyssa Reece is the sexy brunette on the left.

Nice ass!

Full-frontal nudity. Stroke your cock a few times for each girl just to get the right feel for each.

Legs in the air. A few more strokes should help you decide.

Both girls with girlfriends. Their tits always look smaller when they are next to full-breasted babes. Alyssa Reece is a bit more kinky.

It always helps to have a cunt-closeup. Alissa G's pretty pussy is on the right.

Alyssa Reece's cute cunt is on the left.

Vote your conscience (or cock) in our poll on the right sidebar.