Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beatin-off over Peachez

I've been creaming over Peachez for some time now. This was first documented over five years ago, but we go back further. I have to say that masturbating over Peachez just keeps getting better.

magine walking into your kitchen and finding this sexy little thing. Check out that nice little ass. How hard would that make your little dick?

Imagine getting down on your knees and giving her a big kiss!

Sexy lingerie. It doesn't look like she's got much up front, but you're still wondering.

There they are, Peaches' precious little pair! She always seems to have hard nipples.

Look at her curves! That babe has a nice body!

This is even better. No wonder I keep cumming back to her. I'd so love to untie those bows on her bikini.

Imagine walking into a locker room and finding this sexy little thing. Which one of use went through the wrong door?

Just look at those perfect little titties! You know that you're in the right place!

And here's a sexy little maid! Your eyes scan up and down her body. You wonder what she looks like beneath that skimpy dress. She seems like she's flat-chested. Your little dick grows in anticipation.

Down goes her dress! She's absolutely perfect! Time to take dick in hand and show her how much you lust after her body!