Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Masturbation Flicks

I usually prefer still pics, but there are some aspects of porn that are best caught with video. Beautiful women who are really into their masturbation is one of these.

Here's Priscilla, a very lovely masturbator. This clip is taken from a very nice angle. She seems to be having a little trouble masturbating and talking at the same time. Perhaps she's a bit embarrassed. In any case, she sure is cute!

She's so beautiful! Such a nice body! Sexy tattoo! I like her style too! I'm masturbating while I'm watching her masturbating- it's like we're doing it together.

Now this is really nice! Her fast little movements and the way her legs twitch. And her face! Notice at the end how she almost brings her hand to her mouth? I bet if we weren't watching she'd taste her juices. I know I would.

It's interesting how we all have different styles. Here's the lovely Lizzie Tucker fucking herself with several of her fingers. I like the way her tits giggle!

Here's a nice angle of a girl with some really nice tits. She sure does look sexy from down here!